The progress of humanity today is directly linked to the creation of unity. The Progress Unity Fund has been established to help break down the barriers of divisiveness and discrimination that exist in the world, and replace them with a sense of solidarity.

These barriers may be legal, social, economic, or political. They may have been created along lines of class, race, gender, or ethnicity. They may have sprung from war, economic plunder, or exploitation of natural resources.

It is the goal of the Progress Unity Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, to promote unity through diversity of peoples; respect for their histories, cultures, and experiences. With this respect, a sense of solidarity and community can be fostered between peoples.

Unity, however, is more than an idea. Unity must exist based upon universal values common to the greatest majority of the world’s people. It is the belief of the Progress Unity Fund that these universal values include: national identity and culture; independence and self-determination; racial, national, sexual and economic equality; to natural resources; to a joyful childhood; to a clean environment with adequate food and water; to science, information sharing and media accessibility; to a decent life; to education, health care and work; to pursue a course of political and economic development free from the intervention or interference from other governments and militaries; and free from economic exploitation. To live in peace and to share in the diversity of life.

With these guiding principles, the Progress Unity Fund creates and funds educational and material aid programs, to challenge the barriers and find solutions to the issues creating division.